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Версия игры: 1.17
Всего загрузок: 24,778
Обновлено: Jun 29, 2021
Создано: Jul 11, 2018
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Предыдущие версии

Название Размер Обновлено Версия игры Загрузок
SetTheSpawn v2.7.3 release 117.92 KB Jun 29, 2021 1.17 151 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.7.3 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.7.2 release 117.14 KB Apr 21, 2021 1.16 738 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.7.2 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.7.1 release 116.58 KB Apr 11, 2021 1.16 197 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.7.1 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.7.0 release 116.17 KB Apr 8, 2021 1.16 82 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.7.0 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.9 release 108.87 KB Feb 24, 2021 1.16 574 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.9 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.8 release 106.20 KB Feb 13, 2021 1.16 203 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.8 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.7 release 124.44 KB Dec 20, 2020 1.16 886 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.7 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.6 release 119.95 KB Nov 6, 2020 1.16 1,105 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.6 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.5 release 113.96 KB Sep 10, 2020 1.16 930 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.5 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.4 release 111.42 KB Aug 10, 2020 1.16 554 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.4 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.3 release 104.53 KB May 12, 2020 1.15 1,995 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.3 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.2 release 93.91 KB Mar 12, 2020 1.15 2,296 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.2 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6.1 release 92.03 KB Feb 26, 2020 1.15 603 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6.1 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.6 release 92.05 KB Feb 23, 2020 1.15 117 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.6 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.5 release 91.57 KB Oct 29, 2019 1.14 2,583 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.5 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.4 release 86.98 KB Jul 21, 2019 1.14 3,204 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.4 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.3 release 86.39 KB Jun 8, 2019 1.14 1,146 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.3 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.2 release 83.86 KB Apr 22, 2019 1.13 1,342 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.2 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.1 release 86.98 KB Feb 9, 2019 1.13 1,468 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.1 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v2.0 release 82.96 KB Oct 27, 2018 1.13 2,160 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v2.0 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v1.9 release 80.70 KB Aug 14, 2018 1.13 821 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v1.9 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v1.8 release 82.52 KB Jul 19, 2018 1.12 1,068 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v1.8 releaseСкачать
SetTheSpawn v1.7 release 76.30 KB Jul 11, 2018 1.12 538 скачать ⤧ SetTheSpawn ⤧ SetTheSpawn v1.7 releaseСкачать



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# Save the toggled spawns to a file to load after server restart.
# If this false, if the file is exists, it will be deleted automatically at server restart.
remember-toggled-spawns-to-file: true

# How many seconds have to wait for a player to be teleported?
# If 0, will instantly teleports.
# This will be ignored with "setthespawn.bypass.cooldown" permission for specific players
teleport-delay: 0

# This allows to send the messages repeatedly when the player starts
# teleporting, or if it is false, sends the message once only.
teleport-message-repeater: false

# Teleport progress bar while the player started teleport.
enable: false

# Progress bar size
bar-size: 30.0

# Bar update fast in ticks.
fast: 2

# Teleport progress display mark.
mark: "\u258B"

# When the teleport is ready.
done-color: "&a&l"

# When teleport is not ready yet.
not-done-color: "&c&l"

# Use %output%, %time% placeholder.
message-format: "&aTeleporting in:&7&l [%output%&7&l]&6 (&8%time%&6)"

# If the spawn can not be found, teleport it to the world spawn?
teleport-to-world-spawn-if-spawn-not-found: false

# Teleport the player to the default set world spawn?
# If this true, ignores the spawn locations, join spawn that has been set and teleports
# to the world spawn location.
#teleport-to-world-spawn: false

# Teleport to the set player bed spawn. If the player bed spawn not found,
# will teleporting to the spawn.
# This option works with anchor spawn if exist.
#teleport-to-bed-spawn: false

# Do include operator players in teleporting to teleport them?
# This happens when a player teleports everyone.
teleport-op-players: false

# A player teleported to the spawn, how many seconds to protect the player from damage?
# Set 0 to disable.
no-damage-time: 0

# Teleports automatically to spawn, when a player afk status is true.
# Requires Essentials!
auto-teleport-to-spawn-when-player-afk: false

# Use separate worlds?
# If enabled, will changes the spawn behavior when the players teleporting.
# So if this true then the players will be teleported to the spawn where the player is in that world.
# This will changes the spawn settings in the spawns file.
per-world-spawn: false

# In which worlds can spawn not be set and used?
#- world_the_end

# Prevent spawn command executing when a player in combat.
enable: false

# Command re-allow time in seconds.
time: 5

# Message when you attack a player or attack you.
message: "&cNow you can not teleport to spawn because you're still fighting with a player."

# Check if the player is in flying mode?
# If it is true, players can teleport while flying.
# If it is false, it will cancel the teleport delay.
# This ignores with setthespawn.bypass.fly permission.
allow-spawn-when-flying: true

# Allows to the player to teleport to the spawn if the player is in minecart.
# This can be bypassed with setthespawn.bypass.minecart permission.
allow-spawn-when-is-in-minecart: true

# Allows to the player to teleport to the spawn if the player is in boat.
# This can be bypassed with setthespawn.bypass.boat permission.
allow-spawn-when-is-in-boat: true

# Prevent spawn teleport when player is in fire?
# This ignores with setthespawn.bypass.fire permission.
prevent-spawn-when-player-is-in-fire: false

# When a player presses the SHIFT button while teleporting, and sits in snake mode,
# will it cancel the teleportation?
# This ignores with setthespawn.bypass.sneak permission.
enable: false
message: "&cTeleporting is cancelled because snake mode is enabled."

# Cost for /spawn command executing or sign interacting.
# For this, requires Vault plugin.
# If this is given at the group, they can use the /spawn command without payment.
# If not given, the /spawn command must be paid.
# This will be ignored if this empty.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawncost

# This can be set as per-spawn when setting the spawn point.
cost: 0.0

# Sign usage price (Same as /spawn command)
# If this is given at the group, they can use the spawn sign without payment.
# If not given, the spawn sign usage must be paid.
# This will be ignored if this empty.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.signcost

# Cost of sign usage
cost: 0.0

# Cancel teleport if:
# How many seconds does the player have to wait to use the spawn command
# again when the player moved during teleport time? (bypass permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawndelay)
# Move includes damage, jump and any type of move.
spawn-command-delay-after-move: 0

# Player was moved while teleporting.
enable: true

# Message when the player moved.
teleport-canceled: "&cTeleport cancelled, you can't move!"

# While a player teleporting, the task will not cancel if this given and player moved.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.movement

# Play sound when a player moved while teleporting.
# Usage: SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch

# If the player moved during teleporting, would the player pay for it or not?
# Cost for moved during teleport
cost: 0.0

# The permission to bypass move pay
permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawn.movedcost

# Player was jump while teleporting.
enable: true

# Message when the player jumped.
teleport-canceled: "&cTeleport cancelled, you can't jump!"

# While player teleporting, the task will not cancel if this given and player jumped.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.jump

# Play sound when a player jump while teleporting.
# Usage: SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch

# If the player jumped during teleporting, would the player pay for it or not?
# Cost for jumped during teleport
cost: 0.0

# The permission to bypass jump while teleporting.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawn.jumpedcost

# When the player is attacked somebody while teleporting.
enable: true

# Message when the other player attacked.
teleport-canceled: "&cTeleport cancelled, you are in combat!"

# While player teleporting, the task will not cancel if this given and player got damage.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.damage

# Play sound when a player attacked someone while teleporting.
# Usage: SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch
#type: BLOCK_LEVER_CLICK, 8, 1

# If the player get damage during teleporting, would the player pay for it or not?
# Cost for get damage during teleport
cost: 0.0

# The permission to bypass cancel teleport for getting damage.
permission: setthespawn.bypass.spawn.damagecost

# When a player is being teleported, will plays an effect?
# https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Effect.html
# Usage: EFFECT_TYPE, duration
#effect: ENDER_SIGNAL, 10

# Player sound when player teleported.
# 1.8.x: http://docs.codelanx.com/Bukkit/1.8/org/bukkit/Sound.html
# 1.9+: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Sound.html
# Usage: SOUND_TYPE, volume, pitch
#sound: ENDERMAN_TELEPORT, 10, 1

# Launch firework when the player teleported to the spawn.
enable: false

# This will fixes that issue when all the entities got damage after
# player teleportation and launching a firework.
# This calculates 15 radius around player to make sure the entities not get any damage.
# If you have issues with this, then disable it.
fix-entity-damage-after-teleportation: true

# If true, the features below do not apply to it.
random: true
flicker: true
trail: true

# https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/FireworkEffect.Type.html
type: STAR

# Colors 0 — 255
— 229,0,0
— 0,80,0
— 0,0,103

# Does the firework explode instantly?
# If this enabled power setting are ignored.
instant-explode: false

# The power to launch the firework.
power: 1

# Send title if:
# When you have started teleporting, a title will also be displayed.
#title: "&aTeleporting in"
#subtitle: "&6%seconds%&a seconds"

# The title times to be displayed, stay and removing from the screen. (In ticks)
# Usage: fadeIn, stay, fadeOut
times: 10, 30, 60

# When the player has teleported to the spawn and displays the title.
#title: "&3Teleport"
#subtitle: "&asuccess!"

times: 10, 30, 60

# When a player moves while teleporting.
#title: "&cYou moved!"
#subtitle: "&eTeleport cancelled."

times: 10, 30, 50

# When a player jumps while teleporting.
#title: "&cYou jumped!"
#subtitle: "&eTeleport cancelled."

times: 10, 30, 50

# When player are attacked somebody while teleporting.
#title: "&cA player was attacked!"
#subtitle: "&eTeleport cancelled."

times: 10, 30, 50

# If the player is in the void, will it teleports to the spawn?
enable: false

# At that point, the player will be teleported to the spawn.
# Example: 5 — so Y:5
height: 0

# If it is true, it does not hurt.
# If it is false, it hurts.
fall-distance: true

# The list of disabled worlds where player shouldn't teleport to the set of spawn.
# If enabled, the world names should target the set of spawn world.
# For example, if you have set spawn in world1, and disabled world_nether,
# players are not teleports to world1 spawn if falls into void.
use-target-spawn-worlds: false
#- end

# When a player void, plays an effect
# https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Effect.html
#effect: ENDER_SIGNAL, 15

# Message when the player has void fall and teleported to spawn.
message: ""

# Teleport on command when the player teleported to spawn.
# Use player & console arguments for first.
# You can use %player% & %world% placeholders.
#- "player: money"
#- "player: kit"
#- "console: eco take %player% 50"
#- "console: money"

# Teleport to spawn if:
# the player joins the server?
player-join: false

# the player first joins the server?
player-first-join: false

# the player is died?
respawn: false

# (1.16+) the player should respawn at anchor?
respawn-at-anchor: true

# Spawn sign settings
# Allows you to create and use the spawn sign.
enable: true

# Save signs automatically to a file when you place a sign?
save-sign-data: false

# If the player does not have permission to create a sign.
# If it is true, it will break the sign.
# If it is false, it does not break the sign.
break-sign: false

# If the above option "break-sign" is disabled, will using this.
— "&cYou do not have"
— "&cpermission"
— "&cto create"
— "&ca sign!"

# If the spawn is not set up and what to write.
— "&c[Spawn]"
— "%text%"
— "%text%"
— "%text%"

# If the spawn is set and what to write.
— "&9[Spawn]"
— "%text%"
— "%text%"
— "%text%"

— "&9[Spawn]"
— "%all%"
— "%text%"
— "%text%"

# If the world spawn is set and what to write.
— "&9[Spawn]"
— "&6%world%"
— "%text%"
— "%text%"

— "&9[Spawn]"
— "%all%"
— "%world%"
— "%text%"

# Enable the gui setup?
enable-gui: false

# How many rows should the GUI have?
# This multiplies the specified number by 9, thus creating the GUI correctly.
gui-rows: 1

# What should the name of the GUI be?
gui-name: "&5Spawn settings"

# All GUI items are set here.
# Documentation on how to add item: https://github.com/montlikadani/SetTheSpawn/wiki/How-to-add-new-item-to-GUI?​
# Slot starts at 0 and end at 53 for a size 54 inventory.
item: oak_sign
name: "&3Setspawn"
— "&7————"
— "&aSet spawn command."
— "&7————"
command: setspawn
name: "&6Teleport"
— "&7————"
— "&aTeleport to the spawn."
— "&7————"
command: spawn
item: bone
name: "&4Delete spawn"
— "&7————"
— "&5Delete spawn location."
— "&7————"
command: delspawn

# Check for updates
check-update: true

# Download releases to "releases" folder
# This only works if the "check-update" is true.
download-updates: true

# Log plugin messages into console.
logconsole: true

config-version: 12


How to add new item to GUI?

You don't need to write brackets [ ]

item: [item type that will be clicked on]

durability: [durability of item]
name: [name of item when hovered over]
— [text you want on that line]
— [text you want on the next line]
command: [command to be executed by player when item is clicked]

More information here.

Create a spawn sign

How do I make a spawn sign?
Important! If the sign option is not enabled in configuration, you should enable it first time and reload the plugin.

  1. Join to your server
  2. Place a sign anywhere
  3. Write this on the sign: [Spawn]
  4. Done!
To 3rd: If you want to teleport every online player, use this on in sign:



The next option is to enter the name of the world or not. If given, it will teleport to the world when spawn is set. (Optional)
This line is the 2nd of the sign.





  • Vault (optional)

— Ability to pay for spawn usage in command or signs.

— Ability to make spawns per-group


  • EssentialsX (optional)

— Ability to import spawn to SetTheSpawn

— Ability to teleport the afk players to spawn



Отчет об ошибке здесь и запрос функции здесь! (Щелчок)


Тест индикатора выполнения



➢ Установите место спавна, где в данный момент находится игрок.
➢ Задержка телепорта (в секундах)

➢ API для разработчиков (внедрение в проект)

➢ Возможность загрузки новых выпусков без нажатия кнопки загрузки.

➢ Импорт Essentials spawn в плагин SetTheSpawn.

➢ Игрок платит за то, что делает что-то во время телепортации (например, игрок перемещается, прыгает или получает повреждения от других игроков)
➢ Индикатор выполнения, который отображает текущий прогресс телепорта.
➢ Проверяет, делает ли игрок что-то во время телепортации (например, игрок перемещается, прыгает или получает урон от других игроков)
➢ Воспроизведение эффектов, звуков или выполнение команд при телепортации игрока.
➢ Проверяет, находится ли игрок в пустоте, чтобы предотвратить смерть.

➢ Возможность переключения спавна для игроков.

➢ Возможность повторить сообщение телепорта (это приводит к медленной работе сервера)

➢ Возможность предотвратить использование икры, когда игрок находится в огне.

➢ Возможность телепортироваться в место спавна кровати игрока вместо оригинального спавна, если он установлен.

Запуск фейерверка при успешном телепорте.
➢ Настраиваемый текст знака в конфигурации.
➢ В мире икру

➢ Стоимость за спавн, включая стоимость знака

➢ В группе появляется, при этом вы можете установить в группе появляется с хранилища групп

Возможность ➢ для задания различных целевых миров, прежде чем задавать здесь икру, документация

➢ Возможность телепортировать игрока на спавн, когда статус afk имеет значение true. (Требуется EssentialsX)
➢ Настройки графического интерфейса, для установки спавна, удаления или телепортации.

➢ Если игрок едет верхом на лошади (подробнее в Вики) и телепортируется к икре, то сущность остается.

➢ Защита игрока после телепорта (время в секундах)
➢ Отправить Заголовок сообщения панели быстрого доступа после телепорта
➢ Проверка режима скрытности во время телепортации, чтобы отменить телепортацию
➢ Отключить миры, чтобы отключить использование икры в этих мирах
➢ Телепортация в точки возрождения, когда игрок присоединяется или возрождается
➢ Проверка полета перед телепортом, чтобы предотвратить появление икры во время полета.
➢ Поддержка знаков спавна​

➢ Возможность возродить игрока в своем якорном блоке (1.16+)


Сравнительная характеристика




Доступные команды и разрешения здесь




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