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Версия игры: 1.11
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Обновлено: Jan 24, 2017
Создано: Jan 2, 2017
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The Complete Info guide.
This plugin *Optionally* requires, even though it is highly recommended to have these:
  1. ProtocolLib: Download
  2. MultiLineAPI: Download
  3. ActionBarAPI: Download
Official Damocles Resource pack. NEEDED to see custom models.
The Damocles/SevenKings Project is a project me and a group of friends began working on late 2015 and mainly throughout the summer of 2016. I took around 2 months of off work to work on the project and develop the main mechanics before a working beta could be released. As of July 1. 2016. I have almost finished the MAJOR game mechanics but am still lacking on an extreme amount of mechanics that need to be added. Now as of Jan 1. 2017 I am still swamped by the sheer amount of work being done on the project solely by myself. I have some of the major mechanics down and am still working on the project.
Source Code: https://github.com/Kowagatte/Damocles
Curse: Kowagatte
Skype: Xcreaturez
Spigot: Kowagatte
Disclaimer: Plugin is currently only tested for 1.11, using NMS so might break on lower versions. Please report all bugs you find. Remember this is in EXTREME beta. Like it is missing almost the whole thing right now I do not even recommend playing on it. USE AT OWN RISK.
Current commands:
When using
/potion <PotionType> <Duration> <Amplifier> <Color> <Splash>
Duration is in seconds, to get an instant potion just put 1 second in.
The Team
I the person who is writing this am the lead-developer. I am the Owner of the project, and the head of the project, as well as the lead-developer on the project. My name is Nick, My in-game name is [NotTheJester] My name on Spigot and the minecraft forums is [kowagatte]. And that's about the entirety of the team. Currently I am looking for anyone willing to give their time to the project. As I can only develop and design I have no experience as a modeler/gfx artist/map designer/builder/lore writing, any help at all for the project is extremely wanted. And anything you can provide is exceptionally helpful. As the only reason I am creating this is to have something I can have fun and play cover to cover and play having fun, the only real compensation I can promise you is a lifelong bonus in game and a fun time when we finish the project.
The History
                I started this project with the plan to just create
                an RPG-MMO plugin/server that I could play with my
                friends. And, as I started developing it as a
                project I can practice and learn more about Java from,
                the more I began working on it for an official release.
                Since I had no plans to pay any staff to do anything for
                the server development was completely Volunteer based, so
                design and modelling went extremely slow, because people
                just offered models and ideas but didn't want to invest
                a large amount of time into a project they got no
                monetary value from. So with a budget of $0. I began
                developing a full fledged RPG server. I started the
                server with one idea and no budget. I wanted a server
                that had Clans, that is it. When I started development with
                nothing else but that in-mind, I started to go nuts
                trying to fit ideas into the limited plugin I had.
                As the original plugin was just a factions-type plugin
                with extra RPG aspects placed onto it. So I decided to
                rewrite the plugin and now I have the current plugin
                I am developing. Because there was ALMOST zero time
                put into the plugin by anyone other than me, I decided
                that the best way to move forward was to add game mechanics
                of any other RPG I have played. I grabbed everything
                I could think of and threw it into one plugin and I have
                what I have now. Runes and custom enchants that work on
                the same mechanics as treasure Wars. Custom health and
                Mana similar to Wynncraft. A few custom models for
                swords/weapons, a custom damage system, a clan system,
                and a very underdeveloped Rank system. And, this is
                what I have right now. There is so much more I want
                to add and so much more I want to develop. But
                currently for the history this is the present me,
                exhausted from making a server by myself.
Planned to be added:
  • Custom Mobs, New and unique mobs to fight.
  • More custom items, I want a library of custom items and equips.
  • Guilds, Similar to the old clans but a group of friends or peers you are grouped together with.
  • Parties, A part time group of friends collecting exp and doing quests together.
  • Trading, A system for trading.
  • Magic, Fuly fledged magic system to allow more customization for characters.
  • More equipment slots, Allow for more customization for characters.
  • Pets, on the back burner for now would be nice to finish at the end.
  • Mounts, same as pets.
  • Androids/Companions, same as pets.
  • Spell Books, an aspect of magic to be able to swap-out a lodout of spells.
Current Game Mechanics:
  • Clans
  • Items
  • Custom Characters
  • Ranks
  • Stats
  • Soul system, a system of souls that when you hit 0 souls your character data is deleted.
  • Custom Potions/Tipped Arrows
Potion & Arrows
Potions have been introduced, currently no way to craft them, which will be implemented later on down the line. I just want to get out all base major mechanics first. Here is what a potion looks like.
Healing potion was spawned in using:
[code]/potion heal 1 2 salmon false[/code]
The explosion potion was spawned in using:
[code]/potion explosion 1 2 black false[/code]
Souls have been introduced! Each character starts off with 5 souls, there is a maximum of 5 souls. Every time a character dies, he loses a soul. Upon hitting 0 souls, the characters data is permanently deleted. Soon souls will be obtainable upon killing other players.
Anvil's are used to repair weapons for a price of dollars. The current rate is $3 per durability point. The equation being used is simply:
( (MaxDurability — Durability) * 3) = cost
Example of Anvil GUI:
Gif of anvils working
1.0 — Character — Finished.
What it looks like from a player's point of view.
Stat menu:
Profession menu:
1.0 — Clans — Currently Implemented.
          Before I talk about what I have done with clans I want to talk
          about my journey with Clans as a game mechanic. Originally the
          idea of clans was a sort of guild system. So people would be
          invited to a clan and would join and interact, what made this
          system different than factions was there is a fixed number of
          Clans. Whenever someone were to die they would be kicked from
          their position and clan, this includes kings. So if a king
          were to be killed his entire king would be kicked out and a
          new king would be selected. This would promote team work to
          protect the king, but we ended up scraping this system and
          decided to go with a more of a lineage system. Where people
          are given a choice what clan they enter at level 5, and if
          there is no king selected it randomly asks a random person
          inside that clan if they want to become a king. This means
          that two people inside a single clan can hit each other
          because they are not teammates they just come from the same
Current Commands:
            — /Clan help
            — /Clan choose
            — /Clan info [Clan]
            — /Clan promote [player]
            — /Clan leave
To fit the guild ideal for MMO's we added a separate
            Guild system to fit a more community playstyle.
1.0 — Items — Currently Implemented.
          I Items currently look like this:
          Items are underdevelopment and are currently subject
          to be changed at any point in time. They are working
          currently and I am looking to make every item completely
          custom with custom models at some point in development.
1.0 — Characters — Custom character creation system, with unique in-game username selection.
    A way to create characters inside your account.
       — /logout
    Looks like:


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